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Glass Dome/Cloche with Base

Glass Dome/Cloche with Base

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Glass Cloche with black wooden base, perfectly designed to go over plants to keep them warm, protect them from snow and ice, and act as a mini-greenhouse. Glass dome can also be used for treasured collectibles or filling with twinkling fairy lights for a truly magical look.


  • Small - full height: 7.5in, Base width: 7in, Dome height: 7in, Dome width: 6in.
  • Medium - full height: 10.5in, Base width: 7in, Dome height: 10in , Dome width: 6in.
  • Large - full height: 12.5in, Base width: 7in, Dome height: 12in, Dome width: 6in.
  • Extra Large - full height: 14.5in, Base width: 7in, Dome height: 14in, Dome width: 6in.