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Saribus rotundifolius leaves (10 Stems)

Saribus rotundifolius leaves (10 Stems)

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This pack of Saribus rotundifolius leaves contains 10 stems of lush foliage. The glossy green leaves are made up with plastic. Perfect for foliage displays and other craft projects.

**DISCLAIMER: Actual color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting conditions or your display settings.**


    • Length of Leaf with Stem : 30.5" Inches 
    • Length of Leaf without Stem : 15.5" Inches
    • Width of Leaf : 20" Inches
    • Total Weight : 1.70 lbs. (10 Stems)
    • Color : Green 
    • Material : Plastic
    • Origin : China
    • Ships Assembly - N/A